Helping overwhelmed mamas
find confidence and joy in
feeding their little ones

Hey mama,


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about food; discovering where it comes from, how best to prepare it, how it impacts our health, and how it brings us together. I’m also a mama to a toddler, so I suspect we have a lot in common! 

I invite you to read the story of what inspired me to start Sprouting Foodies.

Growing up, my family gathered around the table to enjoy flavorful Mediterranean dishes. My childhood was filled with vibrant food memories…

the taste of a sun warmed cherry tomato from our garden bursting in my mouth.

the rainbow of produce at local farmers’ markets. 

the comforting aroma of my mom’s avgolemono wafting through the house.


Food was pure joy.
It was the most sincere
expression of love.

Not surprisingly, I pursued a career in health and nutrition, earning Bachelor degrees in Physiology as well as Dietetics and Human Nutrition from McGill University.

After graduating, I worked as a dietitian in wellness clinics and fitness clubs, helping people of all ages achieve healthier lifestyles.

I loved seeing the positive impact that my work was making.

But then someone came along that changed everything.
Her name is Zara.

As I stepped into my new role as mom to this curious, energetic little girl, my passion for food deepened. My perspective changed. There was something so magical about her natural curiosity at the table: carefully observing her first slice of avocado, her hands diving into a bowl of oatmeal,  or squishing sweet potato between her fingers as she brings it to her mouth… every moment was amplified. Sure, it was messy, but in those  moments, it became clear that food was so much more than simple nourishment.

This was the beginning of
her lifelong food journey,
and I was determined to
make it as rich, rewarding,
and delicious as possible!

But raising an intuitive little eater is no easy task… When we discovered Zara’s dairy allergy, I had to shift gears and adapt our family meals to her needs. Even as a trained dietitian, I found myself falling into occasional self-doubt as I strove to give my daughter the healthiest start possible. And sometimes, despite all my best intentions, things just didn’t go as planned!

Welcome to motherhood.

I soon realized I wasn’t alone. Many families had struggles of their own at the table.

Picky eaters, weight worries, children who had trouble sitting still…

Meals that should have been filled with warmth and smiles were instead a source of frustration and disappointment. Moms were confused by all the conflicting information out there. They didn’t understand why something as natural as feeding their child was such a challenge. They felt judged and criticized when their children weren’t ‘naturally good eaters’.

Mamas were overwhelmed. Burnt out. Frazzled. Feeding their young children was taking a serious emotional toll on the whole family.

I knew I could help them eliminate the stress
and bring the joy back to family mealtimes.

I created Sprouting Foodies to empower mamas, like you, to cultivate positive food experiences for their little ones. My goal is to support you in raising a child who explores a variety of foods, listens to their body, and shares memories with others at the table.

I continue to refine my expertise as a pediatric dietitian and stay up to date with the latest research on early childhood nutrition and evidence-based feeding approaches. I’m trained in Dr. Kay Toomey’s SOS Approach to Feeding, and I’m a current member of the International Starting Solids & Picky Eating Networks. 

When I’m not busy supporting mamas, you’ll find me exploring new cuisines, stirring up fresh flavors in my kitchen, staying active with HIIT workouts, volunteering in my community and (re)discovering the world through my daughter’s eyes.

I look forward to getting to know you and your family! Let’s turn feeding your child into a positive, rewarding experience for the whole family, and raise the next generation of foodies — together!




Ready to make meals with your little one
something to look forward to?