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feeding their little ones

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Struggling with self-doubt or mealtime mom-guilt?

  • You want to nourish your little one with the most wholesome foods for a healthy start to life. But with all the conflicting information out there, it can be hard to know which approach is best! And once you’ve transitioned to table foods, your good intentions don’t always align with what is actually happening at the table…
  • You spend hours crafting a healthy meal, but your toddler is whining for mac n’ cheese… for the 4th time this week.
  • Your attempts at introducing new tastes and textures  fail spectacularly (I’ve cleaned up a few of those messes myself!)
  • You end up serving foods you know your child will eat, because you’re too exhausted to face another battle.
  • Deep down, you’re worried that your child’s food rut is depriving them of the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Slow down, mama — you’ve got this! 
No matter what challenges you’re facing right now…

you can raise an adventurous,
intuitive little eater!

Picture your child boldly exploring all the new colors, textures, and flavors you serve up… savoring their sautéed kale and salmon, devouring their dumplings, and gobbling up that garlic shrimp. Imagine cooking a single meal for the whole family, sitting down at the table and creating joyful memories— no more frustration, no more tears.

That’s mealtime bliss, and it’s closer than you think.


personalized Coaching

Individualized approaches
to provide positive food experiences with intention and confidence.


Workshops tailored for the different stages in your little foodie's journey.

Gain all the knowledge and confidence to guide your baby as they venture into their very first experiences with food.

As your little foodie continues to refine their eating skills, learn how to positively support their food journey and solve (or prevent) feeding challenges.

Hello lovely mama,


mama • food lover • nutrition expert

I’m the heart and soul behind Sprouting Foodies. I’m thrilled to have you join me as we venture together into one of the most rewarding aspects of motherhood: feeding our little ones! 

I believe my purpose is not only to teach you what nutritious foods our children need, but also how to help them learn to eat all foods happily. Together, let’s grow your feeding confidence and your child’s eating competence. We can do this mama!



When we plant the seeds of joyful eating in early childhood, they blossom and ripen into a positive lifelong relationship with food.


A mama’s role is to teach, providing healthy foods, structure, and boundaries. A child’s role is to learn, and we must trust them to set the pace, deciding how much to eat and whether they’re ready to try new foods.


A child’s love language is play. By allowing them to play with their food, we turn mealtime into a fun opportunity for discovery and allow joyful memories to take root.


Feeding success hinges on a responsive, respectful feeding dynamic that’s in tune with your child’s needs and cues.


Children aren’t born foodies, but they are naturally curious about food. Rather than focusing on a clean plate,  we can cultivate their curiosity by encouraging them to observe, smell, touch, and taste!


By allowing children to enjoy everything in moderation — including sweets and treats — they’re less likely to obsess and more likely to explore a full range of wholesome foods.


It’s about your mindset and the environment you create during mealtimes…not just the specific foods on their plate.

From their very first bites, children are naturally inclined to eat mindfully. With a little encouragement, the transition to table foods can be the beginning of an exciting journey of discovery! I’ll help you learn to nurture their curiosity for new flavors and textures, ensuring they stay curious and excited about food, continuing to eat mindfully as they grow.

It’s possible to cultivate healthy eating habits and train those tiny taste buds.
Don’t worry, mama,
I’m here to show you the way!

Show a mama what to feed, and her child GROWS.
Show a mama how to feed, and her child THRIVES.